Best PC Gaming Chairs under $200

How to choose the best gaming chair


When buying a gaming chair, you need to consider what the upholstery material is going to be. When it comes to upholstery, you need to make sure that a high-grade material is being used. Many people prefer gaming chairs to be made from leather; however, very few chairs are made using genuine leather. These chairs then retail at very high prices. However, sometimes, even high-end chairs don’t use genuine leather. Most brands use imitated leather which is marketed as PU leather or pleather.

Genuine leather offers durability. It is more robust than PU leather, and it offers a very classy look. The disadvantage of genuine leather is that it is expensive. It gets cold if the temperature is cold and gets unbearably hot if it is hot.

PU leather is affordable. Also, it is easier to clean and doesn’t get dirty that easily. PU leather also doesn’t harbor allergies, making it a good option for those who have allergies. However, it isn’t that durable and loses its looks within a year. Also, if you have a cat, then it might not be a suitable option as it gets scratched easily.

PVC leather is another option that is similar to genuine leather. It is cheaper, and you can customize it. It is also available in different colors. You can easily clean it, and it doesn’t get damaged by water either. However, PVC leather isn’t a durable option. You will see wrinkles after using it, and it isn’t comfortable, especially in hot weathers.

Although very few gaming chairs are made using fabric, it is a robust option and is more durable. Fabric is also a lot more comfortable, and it doesn’t get hot or cold in extreme weathers, plus it is also very affordable. However, the fabric does get dirty easily and is a home to dust mites along with many other allergens. So people with allergies should not opt for it. Cleaning the fabric can also get very difficult.

Mesh is not that popular; however, it is still an option. It is great for people who sweat a lot as it has large perforations that allow for air circulation. It is also comparatively stronger and can withstand scratches as well. However, mesh harbors allergens, and it easily catches dirt. Also, it is tough to clean, as well.


You need to make sure that your chair is comfortable. Usually, chairs with a minimalist design don’t have enough cushioning to support one’s back. These chairs instead offer a hard backrest which makes it difficult to sit for a long period of time. Do make sure to buy one that offers a lot of lumbar support and soft cushions.


You need to make sure that the chair has a sturdy design. You do not want the chair to break easily from the base. Make sure that the wheel of the chair is rubberized as this prevents the chair from scratching the floor.


Make sure that the gaming chair you’re opting for can bear your weight. Usually, these chairs can support up to 250 lbs. whereas some can support up to 400 lbs. as well. You also need to make sure that it can accommodate your height. Most chairs can accommodate heights up to 5’5” while some chairs have high backrests that support heights up to 6’.