Junction Point Studios was created in November 2004, by veteran game developers, Warren Spector and Art Min. We incorporated in January 2005.

JPS Team - Day One

the team - day one

Warren and Art were joined by about half a dozen folks–Origin and Ion Storm veterans, mostly–united by a desire to make innovative, story-based games that emphasize player choice. The team quickly doubled in size, and in the ensuing years, doubled again.

Since its creation, JPS has developed a variety of original concepts, ranging from an epic fantasy game designed to bust genre boundaries wide open to a modern-day action adventure developed in partnership with a noted Hollywood director. (We own both properties outright and expect both will see the light of day, someday…)

In addition, we've worked behind the scenes with some of the world's most accomplished developers, which we can't really talk about, and we've worked on some major titles To Be Announced. (See Games for even LESS information about what we're working on right now!)